Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Men's Guide to 7 Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs in His Shower

Take a look inside the average man's shower, and you will find that it is unapologetically littered with old furry soap shards, cap less shave foam cans, and more half empty shampoo bottles than you can shake a metro sexual stick at. If you're one of these men and agree that your shower's contents are in need of an - industrial strength - spring cleaning. Then not to worry, the following list contains some essential items that will have not only your skin looking healthy and radiant, but will also give you a bit more room to do, well, whatever it is you do in your shower.

1. Loofah Sponge / Coral Sponge:
Although these items will need to be washed in either a washing machine or dishwasher every now and then, the exfoliating benefits of these naturally occurring sponges are unrivalled. Use only once or twice weekly (as they can prove harsh on the skin) with a dollop of shower gel or crème to remove dead skin cells and dirt build up from your skins surface, leaving it with a smooth, healthy glow.

2. Mesh Shower Sponge:
This too is a very effective when it comes to exfoliating the skin and is suitable for everyday use, and is far more effective in giving you that fresh, invigorated clean feeling than simply lathering on of soap ever will. Go on try it, simply add a small amount of gel onto the mesh sponge and scrub away, the design of the sponge will create a rich creamy lather over your entire body.

3. Shower Gel / Crème:
Ordinary soaps are fast becoming antiquated ornaments in the modern man's shower, today you can find a huge range of cleansing shower gels and crèmes, and with most of them being fused with minerals, herbs and oils to nourish and invigorate the skin. Look for shower gels and crèmes that are soap free (as most are) and that have some deodorizing properties to ensure you leave your shower feeling and smelling fantastic. For guys with shorter kept hair, shower gels can also be used as shampoo and will leave your hair clean and silky.

4. Shampoo & Conditioner (All in one):
Men with shaved or short kept hair can quite easily get away with using an all in one shampoo and conditioner found at your local supermarket or corner shop. However, if you'd like that silky soft look (or have longer hair) try using a leave-in conditioner on your damp (but not wet) hair after washing. Your hair will gradually get used to a certain shampoo brand over time, and you may see your hair start to loose shine and or volume. Simply switch to another brand to get back that healthy shining mop - try doing this twice a month.

5. Men's Body Wash:
To stimulate circulation and invigorate the skin make sure you have a good quality body polish or body scrub in your shower. Many body scrubs contain loofah and micro beads that will condition your skin and leave it glowing. Use a small amount on either your loofah or shower mesh sponge, using circular motions to cover the entire body. Increase your shower's temperature to around 40°C for a few minutes which will open the skin's pores, then apply the body wash. Once finished, rinse well and then reduce water temperature to around 20°C, this will have you feeling invigorated, improve circulation and heighten your senses. What a way to kick-start your day.

6. Men's Facial Scrub:
Facial scrubs contain micro beads and granules which when used, gently buff away impurities, effectively tone, exfoliate, and promote cell renewal which improves the skin's overall complexion. Use once or twice per week, applying a small amount and gently rubbing into the face (and neck) using circular motions. Rinse well.

7. Men's Facial Wash:
Foaming Facial washes are essential for removing impurities and dirt build up found on a man's face, as well as preparing the skin for a comfortable shave and should be used religiously. Used twice daily, a good quality soap free facial wash will ensure your face is cleansed, not tight or dry feeling, and free from grime and dirt which may cause unsightly blackheads or lead to pimples.

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